Road Hazards

Tire Repair Road Hazards Which Damage Tires Common Road Hazards There are many things you should be aware of as you drive, and some are more easily seen than others. You know, for example, the morning after a storm is the morning to take your time and be on the lookout for branches and leaves

Do You Really Need an Aligment When Getting New Tires?

Do I or Don’t I? That is the Question So you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy new tires for your car. Whether you spotted cracks in your sidewall or suffered a blowout, you now know the time is right. What you don’t know is if you need a wheel alignment after your new

Coronavirus Cleanse: Tips to Disinfect Your Vehicle

Be Careful What You Use! As we are learning more about COVID-19, everyone is taking pains to disinfect their lives and take precautions against becoming infected. Hopefully, you’ve dedicated some time to clean the most frequently used items like your phone, door handles, faucets, and even your car keys. But don’t forget about your car

Three Reasons Suspension is Important

Suspension & Your Car What does your car’s suspension do? Probably the most noticeable thing the suspension does is make your ride comfortable by smoothing out bumps in the road, but that’s not the only thing. The suspension has a lot of use for your vehicle beyond creating a comfortable driving experience. Without it, your