Three Reasons Suspension is Important

Suspension & Your Car

What does your car’s suspension do? Probably the most noticeable thing the suspension does is make your ride comfortable by smoothing out bumps in the road, but that’s not the only thing. The suspension has a lot of use for your vehicle beyond creating a comfortable driving experience. Without it, your car wouldn’t be as safe or easy to handle! That’s why it’s important to keep the system in top condition. Let’s explore all of the reasons why you want healthy suspension.

Provide Consistent Handling & Braking

A healthy suspension system makes it possible for you to handle your vehicle with ease and confidence. Worn shocks or struts can negatively affect how your vehicle takes corners, causing it to bump and jerk. You might also feel as though you are fighting over control of your vehicle if the system is in poor condition. The suspension also impacts your car’s stopping speed, helping your car stop both smoothly and quickly as opposed to delaying response and the distance it takes your vehicle to slow down.

Prevent Early Tire Wear

If your suspension system has problems, it will show in the tires. As the first part of your car that makes contact with the road, the tires show signs of uneven suspension load. One tire might wear out sooner than another or show faster wear on one side because of poor alignment. If you want to get the most out of your tires, you’ll want to ensure the suspension is in good condition. A healthy suspension also helps the tires maintain even contact with the road to ensure proper traction and control, even if one wheel passes over a bump or dip.

Protect Wheel Alignment

The suspension and wheel alignment go hand in hand. When your suspension system has problems, it’s likely that your car will also suffer from the issues associated with poor alignment — including poor fuel efficiency, poor engine performance, and rapid tire wear. To protect your car in its best state, you need a good suspension system.

When suspension parts wear out, they can’t perform all of these tasks to their greatest potential, or to the level that you need for a safe driving experience. When that happens, contact the experts at ShortVine Star Motors in Cincinnati, Ohio for service.

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