Do You Really Need an Aligment When Getting New Tires?

Do I or Don’t I? That is the Question

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy new tires for your car. Whether you spotted cracks in your sidewall or suffered a blowout, you now know the time is right. What you don’t know is if you need a wheel alignment after your new tires are put on.

You should get a wheel alignment once every year. But while routine wheel alignments can help extend the life of older tires, is this tire service necessary for brand new tires? Thankfully, the tire repair specialists at ShortVine Star Motors in Cincinnati, Ohio are here to help.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

During a wheel alignment, a certified mechanic will make adjustments to your vehicle’s suspension. This is the system that promotes a smooth and comfortable driving experience. When your car’s tires are properly aligned, they move in a straight line, making it easier to control and steer your vehicle.

Do I Need a Wheel Alignment for My New Tires?

While a wheel alignment isn’t necessary for newly installed tires, it is a smart idea. Getting an alignment ensures that your new tires are correctly aligned with the road and each other. If you don’t get a wheel alignment, your new tires can wear out earlier than normal, vastly shortening their lifespan. Additionally, misaligned tires can cause a bumpy, unsafe ride.

When Should I Get a Wheel Alignment?

As we mentioned earlier, you should be getting your wheels aligned every year or so. If you’ve recently hit a pothole or have driven in harsh road conditions, you may need an alignment sooner rather than later. Some signs that you need a wheel alignment include:

  • Your vehicle pulls from side to side
  • You hear a “whomp-whomp” sound when you’re driving
  • You’ve recently drive over a pothole or hit a curb

Expert Wheel Alignments in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, make a tire repair service appointment at ShortVine Star Motors in Cincinnati, Ohio today. Call us at 513-961-2409 to schedule your wheel alignment to extend the life of your tires and enjoy a smooth and safe ride.

Written by ShortVine Star Motors

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