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Road Hazards Which Damage Tires

Common Road Hazards

There are many things you should be aware of as you drive, and some are more easily seen than others. You know, for example, the morning after a storm is the morning to take your time and be on the lookout for branches and leaves on the road. The branches can damage your tires, and wet leaves are a sliding hazard. Your regular commute likely has some potholes and other road damage. Hitting these hazards can damage your tires, throw off your wheel alignment, and cause collisions with other drivers. Rather than risking such damage, it’s best to avoid these road hazards unless doing so would mean a collision with another driver or other hazard.

Repair Versus Replacement

Sometimes we can’t avoid that pothole, or we drive over a screw on the highway, and our tire suffers damage. Some tire damage is repairable at a certified tire repair shop like ShortVine Star Motors. The puncture from a screw or other small hazard is probably repairable so long as the puncture is in the tread and not the sidewall. Sidewall damage from scraping a curb is not repairable, and you’ll have to replace that tire. If your tires suffer damage, it’s best if you bring your vehicle to your preferred tire repair station and let the certified technicians examine the damage and make a recommendation for repair or replacement.

Rely on the Experts at ShortVine Star Motors

No matter how your tire sustained damage, you’ll want to take your vehicle to a certified tire repair shop like ShortVine Star Motors in Cincinnati, OH, to have the tires inspected, the damage assessed, and to hear the experts’ recommendation for repair or replacement. Once you decide on repair or replacement, the team at ShortVine Star Motors will help you choose the right tire to replace the damaged one or help you understand the process used to repair a tire, so the life of that tire is extended. Give them a call today to make an appointment for a tire damage assessment, or stop by the shop in Cincinnati to speak with the experts in person.

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