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As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, the tires play a huge role in the performance and safety of your vehicle. They take a consistent pounding from the rigors of the road, and can easily get damaged. When these situations happen, it can be easy to assume you’ll need to have them replaced, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there’s a possibility you could have a tire repaired, and that’s where Shortvine Star Motors can help.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, our shop is equipped to provide you with a seamless tire repair experience. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art repair equipment to quickly determine if your vehicle’s tires are qualified for repairs and fix the damage. We make sure that the damaged tire looks and performs like it initially did or better!

Is Your Tire Qualified?

Although we recommend that our professionals perform the tire repair service, you can still inspect the tire and see if it qualifies for a repair! Unfortunately, not all tires can be repaired, and it must have specific characteristics for it to be qualified. We follow these strict rules to ensure that any compromised tires are not sent back out to the road, which could hurt your vehicle’s performance and place you in danger.

When looking at your vehicle’s tires, you first want to check the tire pressure. Does it look like the tire has lost a significant amount of air? If so, it has probably sustained damage to other structural components within the tire. If you see a flat tire with your vehicle, you’ll likely need to have it replaced.

If the tire has maintained a good pressure, you want to check the location of the damage next. For a tire to be repaired, the damage it sustained must be within the tread of the tire. This is because the tread is the most durable part of the tire and is built to support some damage. If the damage is located anywhere outside of the tread, the tire must be replaced.

If the damage sustained is only located within the tread, you’ll have to determine the size of the damage. Although the tread is built to be durable, there’s a pretty small limit for what it can take. The damage sustained must have a maximum length of ¼” in diameter. Anything bigger than that, regardless if it’s within the tread, will disqualify your vehicle’s tire from repairs. You’ll need to have it replaced.

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Having a tire replaced can be a time consuming and costly service. Although you may think this is your only option, you have access to so much more. See if your vehicle’s tires are qualified for repair service by scheduling an appointment with Shortvine Star Motors in Cincinnati, Ohio! Our ASE Certified technicians will quickly determine if your vehicle’s tires are qualified for repairs. If so, they perform the service with quality, care, and precision, so you can continue using a quality tire at half the cost and time.

Give us a call at 513-961-2409 to schedule your tire repair service with our team! If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and schedule your service in person. We’re located on 2924 Vine Street, and we can’t wait to work with you and your vehicle!