Suspension Repair in Cincinnati, OH

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Maintain Proper Balance & Control

At Shortvine Star Motors, we want to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a finely tuned suspension system. Responsible for absorbing much of the impact your vehicle experiences on the road, it’s because of this system that most of your drives are smooth and comfortable. We want to make sure that your vehicle is always providing you with that experience, and it’s why we’ve outfitted our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio with the finest staff and equipment in the industry. Our ASE Certified technicians use state-of-the-art repair & diagnostic equipment to fine-tune your vehicle’s suspension and ensure everything is set in the proper angle. Whether you’re dealing with poor wheel alignment or a broken spring, we can handle it all!

Do You Need Suspension Service?

Like all systems and components found in your vehicle, the suspension needs routine upkeep for it to perform at its best. But along with just following a consistent schedule, it’s also helpful to understand the signs of degradation. By knowing these warning signs, you’ll be able to act quickly and prevent a small issue from worsening. Here are a couple of common suspension issues that you need to look out for.

Poor Alignment

Wheel misalignment is a common suspension issue that many drivers see throughout their vehicle ownership. This is typically caused when your vehicle hits a pothole or a curb, as the shock could easily knock the suspension out of alignment. You’ll know your vehicle is suffering from misalignment if it’s drifting left or right while in motion or if the steering wheel is at an odd angle when the vehicle is moving straight.

Unbalanced Height

The springs within the suspension system play an important role in its overall performance. It’s because of this component that your vehicle can maintain a level height with the ground. If you notice that one side of your car is sagging, something is likely wrong with the springs. This could cause your vehicle to bottom out on obstacles such as speed bumps, which could cause additional damage!

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When your vehicle’s suspension system begins to malfunction, it can derail the quality of your drives and the performance of your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle’s suspension is performing at its best by scheduling service with Shortvine Star Motors in Cincinnati, Ohio! We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to accurately determine the issue and perform the services your vehicle needs with quality and precision. We’ll make sure your vehicle provides you with the smooth, comfortable drives you expect from it! Give us a call at 513-961-2409 or visit our shop on 2924 Vine Street and schedule your next suspension service with us! We look forward to serving you and your vehicle.